Prices & Offers

Due to the nature of treatments and variations in face structure and grades of correction required, prices vary depending on individual needs and assessment.

Please CONTACT US for a individualised treatment plan.


Wrinkle Reduction Treatment

Areas of treatment

1 treatment area from


Frown lines

Crow’s feet

Forehead lines

Brow lift

Nasal (Bunny) lines

Eye opener

horizontal chin crease

Dimpled chin

Perioral (Smokers) lines

Neck Lift and rings

2 treatment areas from


3 treatment areas from


Additional small area during treatment from


1 treatment from


Hyperhydrosis (excessive under arm Sweating)


Dermal Filler Treatment

Areas of treatment

1 syringe from


Nasolabial lines (lines between the nose and mouth): 1-2 syringes

Marionette lines (lines between the mouth and chin): 1 syringe

Lips:1-2 syringes

cheeks: 2 syringes

Sad mouth lines: 1 syringe

Décolletage (cleavage lines): 1-2 syringes

Back of hands (Mesotherapy): 1-2 syringes

Nose Reshaping: 1-2 syringes

Chin reshaping: 1-2 syringes

Additional syringes 10% off when agreed at same consultation / treatment sitting


Skin Treatment (Medical grade skin peels) – Glycolic, Salicylic

Areas of treatment

1 treatment from





Superficial Skin pigmentation

Acne Scars / Acne prone skin

Ageing skin

Dull skin



3 treatments from*


6 for 4 offer *


*Must be paid for at first consultation



Areas of treatment

Single treatment prices 3 treatments 10% off* 6 treatments 20% off*


£50 £135 £240


£60 £162 £288

Face and Neck

£70 £189


Face, Neck and Chest £90 £243


Back and chest area £130 £351


*Must be paid for at first consultation


Lustre Pro (Home Treatment)

Area of treatment


1 device



A 50% deposit is payable to secure a booking. The deposit will be deducted from the treatment. Cancellations of a booking within 48hours prior to the booked treatment will result in a loss of the deposit. Non-attendance at the agreed site for treatment by the client or late arrival will also result in loss of deposit.

*Please note that any treatments as well as offers and deals are subject to an assessment by our aesthetics practitioner. Treatment may be refused if criteria is not met. Payment of a deposit will be refunded if after assessment by the aesthetic practitioner, the practitioner feels treatment is not appropriate.

All treatments must be paid in full prior to any treatment done. A 3% card transaction fee applies.

£10, £25, £50 and £100 GIFT VOUCHERS available for all occasions.